How i got into creating music

Since i was young i have always enjoyed listening to music introduced to me by my parents (Genesis, The Beatles, Mike Oldfield to name a few). My first propel into music happened around 2011 when i got my first guitar, a cheap nylon string Balmeria given to me as a birthday present from my Grandmother. I didn’t want to pay for lessons as i was unsure at first and so i looked up basic lessons online to help start me out.

After learning a few chords i set out to learn a song. Around the same time i had been introduced to Pink Floyd when i first listened to “The Wall” , i had been exploring their catalogue and at the time really liked the song “Wish You were Here” from the album of the same name.

I looked into online tutorials and found the above one, this helped me learn my first song.

Learning the Trade…

After deciding that music was something i wanted to move into doing i began studying music technology at Northbrook College (now Northbrook MET) in Worthing.  There we studied various areas of the music industry such as Business, Technology, Live sound and so on.  Around the time i began getting into electronic styles of music such as Ambient, Techno, Trance. Using Jean Michel Jarre as a primary influence i created several tracks and couple of albums in my first couple of years. One such album to come from this was “Nebulae Music Volume 1”, An album of ambient music released under the netlabel Zenapolae and one that began my offshoot of electronic music under the artist name Nebulae Music.

I continued onto do a year of music business after then end of the two year music technology course. From this i created Hot Air Music, a net label/blog to release my own material through, although initially i set out to create a net label for small artists with similar styles of music to my own.


The original “Hot Air Music” logo i designed to just have a logo…

The name Hot Air Music was derived from a song i wrote called “Hot Air Balloon”.

Working around…

In my third year of study i formed a couple of bands. The first of which was a backing band for my solo material. I also formed the metal band Phantom of Eden in which i play bass and sing.


Since they were the band that propelled me to go into the music industry. I’d always stand by Pink Floyd as being one of if not the biggest influence for me, However i draw from a range of artists. For my folk rock music a big influence on me is Jethro Tull who’s music nicely captures both British traditional folk along with rock and pop music.

Another big two influences on my musical style come from The Moody Blues and King Crimson. Both bands begging in the late 60’s like with Jethro Tull. The Moody Blues took a much more popular sound to their music where as King Crimson tended to take the more art rock, underground sound merging jazz, rock, metal and classical styles to meld together the definitive progressive rock sound. Both contrasting artists have influenced me to create a precise style that helps captivate people with varying musical taste.

Creation Processes

one of the biggest parts of the music i create is experimenting to find new sounds.

In the above interview, Jean Michel Jarre mentions about getting sounds from instruments that were not intended by the manufacturer. This is also seen in the early days of Pink Floyd.

I rarely experiment with unintended sounds, when i do its normally for my ambient music. For instance on my Nebulae Music album “Background Radiation” the title track was created with a microphone in front of my speakers and feeding back.

Another creation process of mine if dynamics when writing songs. Syd Barret puts it best in this interview from the 1960’s:

In the interview he states that he likes quiet music just as much as loud music and i agree with him. I feel with my works there needs to be a balance of  quiet and loud songs, aggressive and soft tones etc…. This helps to create almost a ‘story’ of sorts with the music and keeps listeners engaged.

Its all fun and Games…

One of the biggest things with music is that i enjoy writing songs and performing what i have written, if people also like the music that’s a bonus. Please check out my Discography here.

Out and About (What About that Axe Eugene?)…

I’ve been live a few times in Worthing and Horsham playing Guitar and Singing with a backing band for my rock music, and playing bass and singing for my metal band Phantom of Eden.

A main influence for my Guitar playing would be David Gilmour. i like his blues inspired solos and riffs he writes. A second would be Robert Fripp because i like to have an odd twist sometimes with my playing.


For my bass playing i’d say a big influence would be Christ Squire from yes, probably one of the best if not the best bass players of all time. a close second to that would be Greg Lake.