a brief introduction

13000147_1008438962543147_5340352739659427961_nI initially created this wordpress for college so i could host all my work in one place (all of which you can find still if you wish to take a gander). The site and “Hot air Music” was planned to be a label which i was hoping to develop but after a few months of this i decided a label would be too much work. I’m in the middle of re-purposing…

About the site

Currently i am in the middle of re-purposing the website while i start my degree in music production. As well as hosting more of my coursework for interested individuals i plan to maybe do some blog posts (music related obviously). I work with a venue in Worthing called Bar 42 to host music events once or twice a month under the name “Hot Air Music Presents…”, you can find posts about these events with accompanying photographs shot by Leanne Cushnie .

Other items that you can find on my site are my discography and news about music projects i partake in.



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