a brief introduction

13000147_1008438962543147_5340352739659427961_nI initially created this wordpress for college so i could host all my work in one place (all of which you can find still if you wish to take a gander). The site and “Hot air Music” was planned to be a label which i was hoping to develop but after a few months of this i decided a label would be too much work. I’m in the middle of re-purposing…

About the site

Hot Air Music currently serves as a net label/blog where i post my music projects and Youtube antics. I have now returned mainly to the plan of being a small net label, releasing mainly music i am involved in but i do wish to look into serving as a blog/label hybrid of sorts where i can release peoples music however instead of selling the music myself all links go to stores run by the artists themselves, meaning they get all the profit. I wouldn’t mind this set up as working with the artists helps build connections and also spread word about my music, channel and blog bringing in new viewers and other interested. Incidentally any bands/artists interested in the above mentioned plan or looking for people to listen and review your music please email anything to hotairmusicgroup@gmail.com

logo distort


I also plan to continue posting articles concerning any music i work on as a producer to the website in an upcoming portfolio page, this will serve as demos of my work for any potential collaborators in the future.



NEBULAE MUSIC – a music machine…

logo with bevel

Nebulae Music originated as an artist name for myself when i released any ambient/electronic music i recorded. However i have now decided to turn it into a sub label to release any electronic music associated with the label under. This will include an upcoming two piece electronic project called Klvoool featuring former Phantom of Eden drummer Caleb Morgan Field. I of course will also record solo electronic pieces in the future so these will also be subsequently released via Nebulae Music.

Again like i mentioned above i will be accepting music submissions to the label for any artist/band interested in working with me to build the website and their music. Please send any electronic orientated music to nebulaemusic.hamg@gmail.com



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